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Cellulose is mostly recycle news paper and biodegradable constituents. It can be blown in attic or injected into walls, ceilings or floors. Cellulose is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation and offer many advantages:

* Offers an excellent sound deadening

* Superior sound absorbsion

* Savings up to 30-50% of heating and cooling energy cost

* Non polluting, non irritating and non toxic

* Excellent fire resistance

* Corrosion free

By today’s standards, cellulose is a must and being used for the past seventy years in Nordic countries and in the USA


A product that proved itself 

Among all the different products available on the market, cellulose is a big time winner. Cellulose is being use convincingly in construction over the last 20 years and keeps gaining in popularity. 80% of all bulk insulation is made of cellulose fiber in Quebec.

Made from recycle wood fibre, the cellulose fibre is 100% natural. In fact, 80% of all cellulose comes from recycled news paper. Recycling news paper into cellulose is a great way towards saving our forest and our natural resources. Unlike other products, cellulose doesn’t pollute, or irritate or is toxic. Cellulose is eco-friendly and offers a healthy environment to all members of the family. We use it also to insulate walls and attics.

When wall insulation is required, cellulose is injected under pressure into the wall and fills all available space. We pressurise the cellulose up to 3-3.5# per square inches, to attain the required stability. This process guaranties 100% cellulose filling all possible space perfectly matching inside cavities. Consequently, the insulation is flawless and offers a good air tightness. This is a far superior insulation then commonly used fibre glass mat and very good sound proofing as a value added.



Cellulose fibre is the one offering the greatest thermal resistance per inches on the market. With an R value of 3.6 and 3.85 per inches, this is the best amongst all traditional insulations.

Cellulose fibre will preserve it’s R value all year around, irrelevant of outside temperature. Even in cold weather, cellulose maintain it’s thermal insulation values. When real cold temperatures are experienced, fibre glass insulation looses some of it’s properties and it’s R value diminish at a time where you need it most. Cellulose maintain it’s thickness except for the 1st. year where in compact itself by roughly 10%, then maintain it’s thickness.