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Maximum Insulation

Isolation Maximum Inc.


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L'Assomption, Qc.

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The heating and cooling bill of the house is certainly a considerable cost especially in the kind of climate we live in. Most houses in Quebec where built at a time when energy sources were abundant and cost wasn’t a concern. Insulation norms and standards have been increasing over the years, current efficacy from what today’s norms.


With energy costs on the rise year after year, the most economical and most efficient way to reduce your energy expense is by adding insulation, plain and simple. The first step in order to reduce and minimize loss heat from your home, it is recommended to perform an energy efficiency test. Using the right materials to the right places will improve your quality of living while saving you lots of money over the years and above all, it’s an investment, and added value to your property.



You can feel the difference when house is well insulated. A house well insulated is profitable all year long, not only will it be warmer in winter time; it will stay cooler and more comfortable once the summer months come.


Maximum Insulation uses only the best materials available, echo-friendly and performing. Among others, blown cellulose 100% natural and urethane from mostly soya and recycled plastic matter. Our goal is to offer you the best possible service there is and make you proud you did the work in a safe and secured environment.