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It’s well known, houses of previous generations where not well insulated. By today’s standards, a healthy house must be air tight, well insulated and well vented.


Insulating a house properly is somewhat like dressing up for different weather conditions. A nice wool sweater will keep you warm when no rain or wind in sight. But to keep warm and dry, you’ll need to wear a wind breaker and a rain coat to face the worst. Your house is the same. It needs a good air barrier to avoid air passing right through your house.

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There are many kinds of air barrier on the market but the most efficient are the Blueskin SA membrane, the liquid membrane, the rigid styrofoam and the blown urethane. Each of those products has their own characteristics and can be used on your different projects, residential, commercial or industrial. It’s all a matter of choosing the one that will perform best for your application. Then, our expert team will get into action to perform the necessary work in order to offer the best possible energetic efficiency results for your building.


Air-bloc pare-air, par-air liquide goudron gondronné, par-vapeur-pare-vapeur, blueskin, spray insulationThe vapour barrier is installed inside the building on the outer walls. It prevents the inside humidity to reach the structure of the building and cause damages. It is imperative to protect your building against water vapor infiltrations, your insulation and structure needs to stay dry. The best way to do so is to install a certified polyethylene on all inside surfaces and sealing all possible leaks with approved material.


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For obvious reasons, for already built houses with their inside finish installed, it becomes more complex to assure a good vapour barrier. In certain cases, the best solution is to apply a liquid vapour barrier over the inside finish and install corking where needed with approved material.