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Have You ever felt light breezes of air inside your house? Even with doors and windows shut, air is still passing somewhere and it’s difficult to regulate the temperature and feel comfortable inside the house. 


Don’t get carried away!

It doesn’t necessary mean new doors and new

windows and thousand of dollars.


Even if windows do loose some efficiency with time, their life expectancy is certainly better then some make you believe. Most of the time, a good outside round around the house will make you realise it’s only a caulking issue. When dried and cracked, peeled or showing signs of fatigue, it’s time to act. Lacking awareness in that respect could generate extensive repairs at much higher cost that can be avoided, besides exposing your family to health problems.


Mauvais Calfeutrage, scellant, fenêtre, porte, perte d'énergie, air, étanche

Indeed, cracker and peeled caulking are the first cause of rotten door and window framing and could cause more serious rotten effect to the structure of the house after a while, and develop moulds and contaminate the air inside. Cracked caulking will also contribute to higher heating bills. A good draft proofing job done by our professionals is certainly a good way to cut down your heating bill. In certain cases, the investment pays off in the first year.


Calfeutrage, Scellant, Porte, Fenêtre, imperméabilisant

Needless to say, in certain cases, specially in houses 15 years and older, the work needed to repair caulking going bad exceeds the caulking and work needs to be done to the constituent parts of the framing. All internals need to be inspected and repaired if necessary to assure a good and efficient sealing.


You can trust Maximum Insulation for your caulking projects. Please contact one of our experts for a free quote.