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In a world where the heating and electricity costs are constantly increasing, it is imperative to have a solid and well insulated home that can keep you warm during the winter and fresh during the summer.

Maison Éco-énergétique


Call Maximum Insulation service to maximize the energy efficiency of your building. One of our experts will assist you by advising you on the changes and improvements for optimum insulation. 




To achieve our energy evaluation, we mainly use:


The blower door and infrared thermography.


The sealing air test, commonly known as the blower or the ''blower door'' quantifies the energy performance of a building. In other words, it measures the permeability of the outside shell. Depressurizing the building, the outside air is forced to enter and at the same time to reveal leaks. These are then easily visible, especially with infrared thermography or thermal imaging camera.

Thermographie, caméra thermique

This technology not only allows us to obtain valuable information about the sceling and insulation, but also lets you know if a water leak, crack, mold, and other insect nest is inside of a wall, roof, floor or other inaccessible location.



Note that our thermal cameras detect temperature differences,

it is preferable to perform the analysis when

outside temperature is below 10 degrees celicius.


Perte d'énergie

Following the energy evaluation, our technician will prepare a report and will tell you how improving your home's energy. The recommendations will be listed in order of importance and you will decide to make corrections or not for each points mentioned. Call the energy test does not commit you to anything. The costs are minimal for the evaluation and return on investment is usually considerable. We also offer turnkey service that includes evaluation and any changes that were ranked high priority. If you implement all the recommendations in this report, you could reduce your energy consumption by up to 50% and increase your home's energy efficiency rating.


Do not wait and contact one of our experts for a free consultation.