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Maximum Insulation

Isolation Maximum Inc.


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For our water proofing work, we use Blueskin SA. It is a self-adhering membrane consisting of an SBS rubberized asphalt compound laminated on a blue polyethylene film. Impermeable to air, moisture vapor and water, Blueskin SA is designed to install easily on a variety of prepared substrates. It’s rubberized asphalt compound allows it to self seal when punctured. Once installed on a properly prepared surface, it becomes possible to nail, screw or punch through without tempering it’s water proofing property. It also resit to winds up to 140Km/hr.


Membrane blueskin, étanchéité, imperméabilisation, scellant, fondation, fenêtre, porteWe use Blueskin SA on numerous applications, around the house, as air barrier, or vapour barrier, over cement, masonry, gypsum… We eliminate all possible water infiltration around foundations. No chance of leak when installed on roof. Its flexibility allows using it over metal junctions like around door and window framing for a guarantied air and water seal.