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Made of renewable vegetable oil, soya and 40% of recyclable plastic bottles, the polyurethane foam is the most efficient insulation on the market. It’s efficiency is superior to all other insulating product. Here are some advantages:


Uréthane Giclée

* Totally air tight, no air leak what so ever;

* Resist to humidity and mould spore;

* With the highest R factor of all with a R-7 per inches rating;

* Stable: it will stay in place without crushing, pack down or crumble;

* It sticks to all surfaces;

* Flexible and quick to install;

* Zero effect to the ozone layer.


Our trucks are equipped with the finest equipment to applay our blown eurethane. Our people are certified and offer quality and service second to none. This product is recommended for the following usage:


* Over cement foundations like in basements;

* Can be applied to exterior walls and also act as air sealing. Or can be applied to inside walls, whether it’s wood, brick or cement 

* To achieve maximum efficiency, it is used in the attic;

* Ideal for insulating joists and cavity hard to reach

* Cathedral ceilings

* We also use it on all sorts of roofing, angled or flat.

* Crawl spaces

Please contact one of our experts. He will be happy to assist you in your project by advising you on the different products, benefits, steps, standards and costs. Our priority is to share our expertise and make sure you will take the right choice.